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Vogue Paris December 2011/January 2012 (Kate Moss) - Tattoos in Fashion

Tattoos - one area I have not found a conclusion in, within the industry in regards to removing or keeping them. 

My good friend, Kevin Haveliwala, just returned from Paris and got me this edition (thank you!).

Kate Miss graces the cover of the latest Vogue Paris. The first thing I noticed was the tattoo, and I smiled.

Based on my own history with editorial work, usually most photographers I have worked for always try to get the makeup artist to cover tattoo’s before a shoot. If they for some reason don’t, they ask me to do so in post. They ensure this is going to be taken care of by including it in the notes during retouching, often with emphasis. 

So why am I smiling? Because I don’t consider tattoos as flaws, even though a lot of people remove them in editorials. Then I see this, Kate Moss displaying it with pride. 

I think this is also a special case, because that tattoo is part of Kate Moss’s identity. She has shown it numerous times without makeup. 

For instance, another notable cover she had was this one below: 

There have also been other times this has happened. 

So I personally don’t mind this at all, but do know people who always try to remove them. 

Public Question:

What do you think? If this was your job, would you keep it or remove it? Furthermore, if the model was not a notable figure (and you were shooting a standard spread), would you remove or keep smaller tattoos? Where do you draw the line with keeping it vs removing it?