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This Woman Ages Into An Old Woman Without You Noticing

In about four minutes, she starts off as a young girl and ages right in front of your eyes. You won’t even notice it happening. 

This Short Film About Smart Phone Overuse Is Brilliant As It Is Depressing

The problem is that after watching it, you’ll be like oh that’s not me. But the problem is that it is you, and it’s me, and it’s all of us. We’re all part of the problem. 

Why are we so obsessed over capturing everything instead of living it? Is this a natural sign of where we’re all headed? Zombieville? 

Death Do Us Part By Ian Ruhter

Ian is the amazing artist behind this video (link). It was the world’s biggest wet plate camera out of a van. I am sure you remember that just by the description. 

He now has a new video, perhaps my all time favorite for many reasons. First of all, he actually wrote to us personally to let us know it came out. He remembered the last time we featured his video and I thought that was great of him to do so. 

I had no idea what to expect except for the title itself. 

This past year in 2012, I was invited to be a part of the Framed Network as one of their features. I really had a great time and in end I realized something. Even if I didn’t get the opportunity to be on video, it would have still been worthwhile. The reason for this is that I met this amazing group of people that inspired me to a point where I still think about them often and keep pushing because of how they’ve inspired me. I could list everyone but it would be quite a list! I learned so much about life, passionate, dreams, perseverance, and more. They each had a special quality about them that you just knew was special. It had the ‘stuff’ that successful and genuine people were made of. And seeing talent like that come together and make something happen is a beautiful thing that every artist needs to see. 

I got to see the trials and tribulations on what it takes to create such a polished show and the chaos that ensues to make it happen. 

One of the producers who holds it all together is Ben Peterson. Ian features him and his amazing family in the video. He’s a great guy and I felt that Ian did a great job documenting him and the other stories in the film. I felt a personal connection as I got to meet Ben and his beautiful family. 

It really is a piece that illustrates how beautiful life is no matter how imperfect it can be at times. 

Enjoy this piece! And be sure to also check Ian’s other videos. 

Part One - Silver and Light

Part Two - American Dream

Ian’s Website:

The Top 5 Guys Who Do All The Movie Trailers All In One Limo

If you had a group of people narrating your life, this would be the group. I would throw in Morgan Freeman in there as well. This clever skit combines the most recognizable voices to every major movie trailer you’ve watched. 

AMC Releases Zombies In NYC

For the viral marketing campaign for the Walking Dead and a plea to Dish Network to bring back AMC, they put this stunt together. Full on people with zombie makeup released into NYC. 

See what happens.  

Make It Count: Traveling The World In 10 Days, Shown In Under 4 Minutes

This man travels the world under Nike’s budget with the theme of ‘making it count’. He goes to as many countries and experiences as much as possible, all in 10 days!

Nike, if you’re listening, I would like to ‘make it count’ too. 

Daylight Savings Time Facts 

It’s that time of year again, where we change our clocks for daylight savings time. 

Here’s a breakdown of what it all means. Did you know Arizona and Hawaii do not follow it? Furthermore, the world is pretty split on whether or not to follow it too. 

The reasons why we have DST are not even strong enough to make it worthwhile.

I figure this video would be appropriate since this pretty much affects most people reading this. Hopefully we just stick to standard time and get rid of it.