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Time Magazine’s Controversial Breastfeeding Cover On Extreme Parenting

This is the cover that is causing all sorts of controversy across the world. It’s in relation to ‘extreme parenting’. It’s definitely shown a point, but at a cost that the public did not like. 

The cover photo shows 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her son Aram; Aram turns 4 next month. It is a startling image, to say the least.

The reason for the controversy was partly due to the fact that Aram is just 4 years old, an aged usually deemed as inappropriate for breastfeeding.  

Here are the rest of the images: 1 2 3

We’d like to hear from you, does it offend you? 

A Year in Photographs (2011)

We’ve all seen the ‘best of 2011’ galleries already, and I’ve posted a few myself. 

However, this one takes the cake. 


Time released their annual collection of photographs. What makes this one different is that they have a photo, and a story, for every day of the year! Starting on January 1st, and going all the way to yesterday. 

Be careful, it’s highly addicting, I almost spent the last 2 hours reading everything.