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Twitter Meets Runway Fashion - Target Genius

Twitter users wrote what they wanted about Target’s ‘Everyday Collection’. After which, they put on a runway show with these tweets incorporated. The results are quite hilarious!

On January 24th, The Everyday Collection went live with the first ever Tweet-to-Runway show - a runway spectacular inspired by everyday tweets. Thousands participated, hundreds were chosen to have their tweets performed on the catwalk and featured with products from The Everyday Collection by Target. 

The best part is they go on forever! See the full playlist here:

The Making Of A Cover Shot By Coco Rocha For Target

Coco Rocha shows us how many shots it takes to get a cover shot. The second 19 hit, I knew that was the one. It only took 19 attempts? That’s pretty amazing in itself. Then again, she’s a supermodel, what do you expect.