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A Professional Photographer Approaches SLR Owners And Asks Them Why They Use An SLR

Gary Heery, sponsored by Sony, goes up to people who have SLR cameras and asks them why they have an SLR. Most say, for the image quality. However, he busts out his NEX and shows them it has the same sensor size, is faster, and can produce equally good results. Most of these people leave it in auto as well.

The Future of Displays: Sony Crystal LED Display

Now the IPS panel LCD monitors are the top level standard for monitors right now, we can only wonder what will come down the pipeline in the future? Considering that we can’t even see all the physical colors our cameras capture, or even the entire prophotoRGB color space, there’s lots of room for improvement. 

Here’s a true completely 100% LED display that has wide viewing angles, fast refresh rates, high contrast ratio, and a wide gamut display. I have a feeling it will be better than my own monitor if they decide to continue developing this display. 

Please give me the prototype! I need it. 

A Visit to Peru - David L.

It’s not often that you can sit back and experience the rush of visiting a foreign land without leaving your seat. With David’s recent trip, this is as close as you can get.

I’m excited to show you this. David has allowed me to give you an exclusive look into showcasing his work for all of you to see. He was excited to share these images with me, so that I, in return, could show everyone else and share these spectacular shots.

If you haven’t seen David’s work before, you can check out a sample of his work here:

I asked David to tell me a little about his history with traveling and photography to get an idea of where his talent and passion comes from.

I’ve been traveling ever since I was 2 years old. My first holiday was a 14hr flight from the UK to Canada and I still have early memories of riding a cable car in Banff. My parents gave me and old broken camera when I was 4 and I clicked away all over the place!

I was fortunate to go on a lot of family holidays when I was younger and by the time I was 16 I had racked up about 30 foreign holidays. Eventually I even started putting film into a working camera! 

And since then I’ve traveled alone and with friends - Hong Kong, Jordan, Egypt, Russia, China, Thailand, Dubai, Morocco, the USA, Malawi and of course all over Europe.

In the last 3 years I’ve become much more interested in photography. I actually shoot Sony, rather than Canon/Nikon. No specific reason other than the layout and menus made more sense to me! My main gear is an a850 full frame and a Zeiss 16-35/2.8. I love the wide angle and it forces you to get close to the subject.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

To see any of the images in bigger resolution, just click on them. 

1. Lima, capital City. This is the main square with church and governmental building, hence the riot police. Peru is a Roman Catholic country, so lots and lots of churches.

2. This is the inside of the church. One of the more tasteful ones we saw. Lots of decked out in gold and crazy huge paintings of blood-covered Jesus etc.

3. Get down from there dog. You are a dog not a bird.

4. Alpaca - famous Peruvian animal. They’re kinda dumb but cute as hell. Treated like a sheep but much hardier- they use the wool for clothes and eat the meat. They can survive in extreme cold and heat, little water and high altitude.

5. Peruvian lady making something out of alpaca wool.

6. Welcome to Arequipa - I climbed up to the hotel roof at dawn to get this shot of the city square against the Misti Volcano.

7. The main square at sunset.

8. Little girl and her pet goat.

9. At the summit of the Pampla Pass. Over 5000m high here.. that’s 16,500ft. Several people puking by this point so we hurried back down to better altitudes. People make little piles of rocks as a spiritual offering. And tourists do it to be cool.

10. Alpaca surveying the scenery, which was spectacular.

11. Little stalls selling rugs, stuffed animals, clothing etc. Basically anything you can make from Alpaca wool.

12. Food. Yup, Peruvian people eat guinea pigs. I tried and it wasn’t good, there was hardly any meat at all on there.

13. Colca Canyon. IIRC, this is larger than the Grand Canyon, quite an amazing sight. If you squint you’ll see the people down on bottom right to give you some scale.

14. Condors - the national bird of Peru. This one is female - shown by the flappy bits on the head. Also see the feet - they have three “toes” with the middle one being freaky long. The white ring around the neck is also distinctive.

15. More stunning landscapes around the Colca region.

16. Standing on the edge of the abyss. Much better than the shitty skywalk in the Grand Canyon.

17. Change of location now. Back to more fertile lands with the wild alpaca, llama and vincuna grazing.

18. Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world. Again, a few people with altitude sickness. I live at sea level so I was fairly headachey after a few days. Generally wake up in mornings a bit groggy like after a night of drinking.

19.The lake has extraordinarily clear water.

20. The view from the top of Taquile Island. Climbed about 500 stairs to get here but it was worth it.

21. Natives of Taquile

22. It’s the ancient city of Macchu Picchu - one of the 7 wonders of the world. This is the photo that everyone takes. If you are interested in more Macchu Picchu shots of the city itself, ask and I’ll post more shots. It’s quite an amazing place, and the scale is quite hard to convey. It’s bigger than you think. The previous picture kinda shows that the height of the walls etc.

23. As we stood at the top, clouds rolling in FAST. Time between first and last photos only a few minutes.

24. And then the rain started… I’ve never seen anything like it. It suddenly just started like switching on a shower, and drenched everything instantly. Steps turned to waterfalls, camera was absolutely soaked.

25. That night we went out to a local restaurant with traditional dancing (iso5000, f1.7 for those who care.. it was dark).

26. The beautiful hotel we stayed in one night. In the jungle at the base of Macchu Picchu. See the jungle through the windows.

27. This tree strips itself every season and different colours inside and out.

28. Massive millipede

29. Back at the jungle lodge, we have to share it with other inhabitants…

30. Onto the Amazon for a night cruise. This was scary, the sounds of the jungle are terrifying.

31. A shining light shows you the density of flying shit in the air, they cut electricity in the lodge for most of the day.. only a few hours in morning and evening. None at night. That’s no light, no fan, definitely no air conditioning.