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Remote Controlled Robots

This is a sign of things to come possibly. 

This man connects a robot and controls him through the wii sensor bar. It’s petting a cat, but the cool part is that he can control a robot from a complete different location. Now imagine huge robots being controlled from really far away? Now that’s scary. 

Then we won’t be petting cats anymore. Yes Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

This is the culmination of my last year’s work. I control the robot’s arms through the Kinect and Wii remotes. I control the robot’s navigation through the Kinect and treadmill. I control the robot’s head through the head mounted display (HMD). I also see through the robot’s eyes with the HMD.

After doing this exercise, it became apparent that the next feature to add is hearing and speaking through the robot. Luckily both the NAO and my HMD have microphones and speakers so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

This was the second try accomplishing brushing the cat. On the first try we discovered that the positioning of the brush in NAO’s hand needed to be flipped 180 degrees from the intuitive direction.