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Is Photography Dying? Red Vs Hasselblad 

My friends over at FStoppers made a great video demonstrating the difference between doing an entire shoot with a Red Epic and a Hasselblad camera. It raises some interesting points on how the future may start heading. Too bad the Epic is so expensive. Head on over to the site to download some comparison files!

Difference Between the 5D Mark II and the Red Epic for Video

James Drake goes into detail about the main differences for video in regards to the Red Epic and the 5DII. I’ve always wondered how much they vary other than the obvious quality and resolution, and now I know. 

James Drake does a great job demonstrating and explaining too, it keeps you engaged. 

Dave Dugdale did a great job with this video. If you want to see some of the stills, be sure to check them out here.

[Via source]


Another beautiful time lapse video of a stunning view of earth. There’s no better way to view this than clicking on HD and full screen. I can only imagine how great it would be to get away and experience these sights. 

Road Trip, who’s in?


This is production footage from my forthcoming debut film, “TimeScapes,” a portrait of the American Southwest. This video was filmed and edited at 4K (4069x2304) resolution, four times greater than regular 1080p HD. A 4K DCP file is available upon request. Shot on Red Epic and Canon RAW still cameras.

RED EPIC - Beauty Shoot

The title can’t be any clearer, a fantastic test shoot, shot with the RED Epic. Kill me with beauty, this is fantastic. /dead.

Filmed by Kevin Karbon with the awesome Help of Michi Baumgartner

Model: Marianna
Photography: Franziska Konietzke –
Hair: Arno Humer –
Make Up: Anja El-Sawaf Agentur Rouge –
Styling: Stefanie Schwaiger (TUNE Artists)

Song: “Wonder” by Dan Black

Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2011 Teaser - featuring Skrillex | Shot in 5K resolution via the Red Epic. 

- Before playing, maximize the video and watch in HD, please. Thank you to Chris Naidu for bringing this clip to my attention.

Tom Lowe, the videographer answers the question, “Was it loud there?” - “Let me put it this way: while I was filming the Bassnectar crowd, my clothing was blowing like I was standing in a strong wind storm, but it was all bass coming from the speakers!

More about this clip from the videographer: 

This is footage I shot at EDC Las Vegas 2011 on the Red Epic digital cinema camera with 16mm and 50mm Arri Master Primes lenses at 5K resolution, 96 frames per second. It is the first official footage released from EDC Vegas.
This footage will appear in my forthcoming, debut film, “TimeScapes”:

It will also appear in the official Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas feature film in Spring 2012. 

Film Excerpt:Insomniac PresentsElectric Daisy Carnival Las VegasExecutive Producer: Pasquale RotellaProducer: Kevin Kerslake, Kelly Lewis, Jake OelmanDirector: Kevin Kerslake
Special thanks to Agata Alexander, and to Kevin for getting me onstage behind Skrillex with my Pocket Jib…. that was a Boss move.