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The Mudproof Camera: Pentax Optio WG-2 

Wait a minute, are you sure they said mudproof?

No, I didn’t Photoshop this, I promise. Check it out here

This could be under the Photoshop Follies column. 

I bet you they were all thinking it when the shoot was going on, but no one said anything. Maybe the guy doing the post processing did this intentionally. 

No, it’s definitely Mud! Trust us, we took mud shots *giggles like a school girl*

Photoshop Follies: Sports Illustrated and the Kate Upton Cover

First, it was the issue with the recent Alex Morgan spread, now we have Kate Upton for the sports illustrated cover. 

Can you see it? Something doesn’t look right but you don’t quite know what it is. 

Let me give you a hint, it’s not her body

Yup! They sloppily plopped her face from another shot on her body and it’s way off. 

Remember, know your anatomy, it’s very important.  

There are also accusations now surfacing that her body has also been borrowed from another model, or highly modified as well, but that’s another discussion. 

Shh, no one’s going to tell!

The left arm also doesn’t have an armpit. But fair enough, I know most people probably won’t notice these things, but they are surely fun to look at. 

There’s also another feature with something just as bad. Check it out here
This may be a result of cutting costs for post processing, tight deadlines, and little regard to asking if the shots line up. I really want to know what may have happened too.   

Looking at the spread itself, they are much better and standard to what you would expect. 

Here’s the full cover: 

Here is her behind the scenes interview for the cover.