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Retouching Position Opening

I received word from industry colleague Jamie Herman, who is a retoucher for Bloomingdales, on a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is looking for a great job with a fantastic package. So this is a very credible job and they are looking right now. It is located in Pittsburgh but re-location packages are available.

So if you’re looking for great job and don’t mind moving, this may be for you. 

Contact Dawn Kirschner. She is a recruiter that is hiring for the company. She gave me her personal e-mail address so you can get in touch with her directly:
Executive Director of Research
Global Research

I’m not allowed to give out the name of the company hiring, so contact her with any further details in regards to anything you want to know.

She did tell me this:

It is a fashion retailer who is bringing this area in-house after being outsourced. Skin re-touching skills are required. (They are going to more on-body and less lay-down shots.)

Relocation packages available for Homeowners and Renters.

This lead comes from a highly credible source so this is a legitimate job.

I realize many people are looking for work out there, this may be a blessing for someone. So please pass this on. It helps both the people who want jobs in the retouching field, and people who are starting to offer more of them out there.

Let’s give someone a Merry Christmas this time of year with a new job. 

School Kills Creativity
Changing Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson 

I’m not going to spoil this gem for you, just watch it till the end. It’s essentially about our education system and how it could be reformed for the better to enhance the creative process (partly).