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The Definition Of Horror In A Minute And A Half - “Mockingbird “

The most thrilling story you’ll possibly see in under 2 minutes.

We’re all visual people, we love great stories and it’s even better when you can express it such a short amount of time. Mockingbird is literally just 1:30 and conveys a sense of fear that is hard to do in such a short time frame.

Whether you like horror, short stories, or just a good movie, this is one you’ll be happy you saw. It doesn’t play silly tricks, but gets you with the storyline.

What are you waiting for? Start watching. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Real Measurements - Dispelling The Myths 

Over the years I’ve always believed what everyone has said about her in casual conversation, never really questioning it. Naturally blonde, size 12-16, the list goes on. If you know her well, you probably know these stats aren’t true. For the rest of us, there’s this. 

This article blew away common myth and lays out some points about her that we all may have not known before. Here are some outlining facts below from the article. 

Her Real Measurements - Not A Size 12

"As a direct example of her size, the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off and was put on a mannequin that was a size 2.”

"So what size was Marilyn Monroe actually?  Luckily, many of her dresses, carefully preserved, are still around to measure off of.  Further, one of her dress makers also chimed in with exact measurements he took.  Those measurements were 5 ft. 5.5 inches tall; 35 inch bust; 22 inch waist (approximately 2-3 inches less than the average American woman in the 1950s and 12 inches less than average today); and 35 inch hips, with a bra size of 36D.  Her weight fluctuated a bit through her career, usually rising in times of depression and falling back to her normal thereafter, but her dressmaker listed her as 118 pounds and the Hollywood studios tended to list her between 115-120 lbs.”

"…according to BluFire Model Registry, models are generally in the vicinity of a 34 bust; 24 waist; and 34 hips, which is very close to Monroe’s measurements of 35-22-35.”

Her Hair

"Another Marilyn Monroe myth was that she was a blonde.  In fact, the actress famed for her platinum blond curls actually was a dark haired brunette.  She first dyed her hair blonde after being told that models with lighter colored hair were preferable, so bleached it to golden blonde and later adjusted this a total of nine times until she settled on platinum blonde.  As Monroe later stated, “There’s only one sort of natural blonde on earth – albinos.””

Her High I.Q. 

Monroe didn’t just have looks, but brains as well.  Her IQ came out at a full 33 points above the national average at the time when she was tested (at 163).”

If Trailers Were Honest: Prometheus 

We all love movies, after all, we are visual people. If trailers were honest, what would they look like? Here’s one done for Prometheus that will be guaranteed to make you laugh. 

Michael Bay Gets Mad At “Worst Director” Award Nomination

Michael Bay is nominated again for another Razzie award, which takes into account the worse director of the year. Michael Bay usually wins the award, but this time has taken note and he is mad. 

Check out his response below or here

Math doesn’t lie.

I looked into this Razzie thingy. Sounds like a fruit cocktail but it is an apparent award for they say “the worst in film” by respected judges.

On their website you can join to be Judge! Holy shit, for $40 I could actually use my credit card to be a one! So I joined (I didn’t want the INNER SANCTUM membership for $75, because it sounds too much like Rectum). The $100 one for “GUARANTEED ANONYMITY” sounds kind of cool for the pure Internet lifer-hater-living-their-whole-life-behind-a-computer-wishing-they-could-of-done-something-other-then-hate-the-ones-that-are-doing. But the price was steep.

I’m a judge now $40 bucks with a newsletter included. I must say the Razzie Reporter Newsletter rocks!

So here’s the math, made by a young PA in the office:

  • Directed nine movies
  • One movie tanked at the box office
  • 4th Highest Grossing Director of All Time according to BoxOffice Mojo
  • Youngest age in the top ten Grossing directors according to Boxoffice Mojo
  • Bay most likely has received the most Razzie nominations as a director ever has
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon: 140 million people around the world attended
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon box-office $1.123 billion dollars.
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon received 7 Noms this year
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon is 4th highest grossing movie of All Time (the last Harry Potter is 3rd , and last Lord of the Rings is 5th).
  • The next most attended movie Nominee is Jack and Jill, 4.2 million people.
  • Transformers Dark of the Moon made $1.20 billion more dollars then the next Nominee Jack and Jill
  • Number of Razzie Judges: 423
  • Razzie Judges with Emperor packages: 13 (not sure what special shit they get)
Okay so now…

430 judges vote + 140 million people saw it + 712 Paramount Studio employees are smiling = 1 Very Happy Director


I guess that hit a nerve. 

Obligatory Michael Bay clip relating to the story, which ironically encompasses typical MB angles that got him voted in. 


This trailer, titled “C” was made for just $1000. The best part about this is that there was NO CG or green screen involved in the process! 


If you like this trailer, please check out my new kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion of this film!

Trailer for my film “c,” a hard sci-fi action/drama shot the old fashioned way, without CGI or greenscreen.

Set in the distant future, “c” tells the story of First Lieutenant Malleck and her radical attempt to salvage reason during an interplanetary cold war.