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Abstract Moving Sculptures Using Microsoft Kinect

I’m amazed that this entire abstract video was made using a simple Microsoft Kinect! Be sure to check out the making of below as well. 

The potential of Microsoft’s motion sensing device Kinect  is taken to new heights as Daniele Franke (We Are Chopchop) and Cedric Kiefer (onformative) have created a unique abstract artwork reminiscent of The Sandman in Spiderman 3. The artwork, titled unnamed soundsculpture, features a visual interpretation of  the song “Kreukeltape” by Machinenfabriek.

Making of: 

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Science Fiction Meets Reality: Interactive Transparent LCD Computing

Your current world is about to look incredibly outdated when you see this video.

What do you get when you combine MIT and Microsoft? You get something truly ingenious.  

I can already see the direction that the future is going to go in when seeing this video. 

MIT student Jinha Lee designed a prototype as an intern in the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group which allows a user to physically interact with the objects on a transparent screen. Moving windows forward and backward with your fingers, cameras sense where the users hands are and allows for a true 3D interaction with the content on (or is that “in”) the screen. Linking the pixellated world and that of humans is something that has been dreamed up many times before — with movies like Tron taking the concept as far as it could — to a whole digital world beyond the physical.

The display is transparent, and it recognizes where your hands are in space. Then the display overlays a space that lets you adjust it with your hands. So you ‘virtually’ grab things, rotate them, and so forth. Furthermore, the space itself moves so it replicates what it would look like in real life when looking around objects. 

Just watch, it will make more sense. 

Top youtube comment: 

And they say Apple is innovative

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Apple Worth More Than Google And Microsoft Combined

I give major props to Apple, even though I personally do not own a single Apple product. I love apples! But no Apple products. 

They are amazing at marketing as well. 


First on AI: Apple’s stock soared to new heights on Thursday, pushing the company’s market capitalization to $456 billion, a number that is greater than the values of rivals Google and Microsoft combined.

As of Thursday morning, Microsoft’s market cap was around $256.7 billion, while Google was valued at around $198.9 billion. With Apple’s stock up more than 3 percent in morning trading, the company surpassed the combined totals of both Google and Microsoft.

The milestone comes soon after Apple reported its best quarter ever, earning $13.06 billion on sales of 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads and 5.2 million Macs. Total revenue for Apple’s holiday quarter was $46.33 billion.

But Google’s shares fell more than 9 percent last month after the company missed expectations on Wall Street for both earnings and revenue. And while Microsoft met Wall Street expectations, revenue from its Windows operating system fell 6 percent to $4.74 billion.

Apple’s market capitalization passed Microsoft alone in May of 2010 when the iPhone maker’s value hit around $222 billion. And last August was the first time that Apple passed Exxon to become the world’s largest company by market cap, then with a value of $346.74 billion.

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The World’s Biggest LAN Party: DreamHack

DreamHack, otherwise known as ‘digital festival’, was definitely the biggest LAN party I have ever seen, with over 12,000 PCs! Check out the images and info below. 

Last weekend, over 12,000 LAN party goers turned up at DreamHack Winter 2011 in Jonkoping, Sweden with a PC under the arm, on their back, or packed carefully in the trunk of their car. Every single attendee is squeezed into just three massive halls — the largest holding 5,000 computers — for four days, only taking brief breaks to sleep or check out one of the many stages (including some of the largest e-sport tournaments of the year).

DreamHack is by far the largest LAN party in the world (or “digital festival” as the organizers like to call it), and as a result the infrastructure is second to none. Wiring up more than 12,000 devices to a single network is difficult — and keeping them sufficiently watered with plenty of internet bandwidth is even harder. Fortunately, this year, Telia and Cisco provided no less than 120 gigabits of internet bandwidth — or about 10Mbps per attendee; not bad.
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The Dual Screen Laptop: Gscreen SpaceBook

Introducing, a dual screen laptop, or I should say, portable desktop (as you would need a desk to use it efficiently), that you can take anywhere and get the real estate screen space you need. Now only if they had an IPS panel screen equivalent, I would probably buy it to take on the road. Find out more at: