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Apple Worth More Than Google And Microsoft Combined

I give major props to Apple, even though I personally do not own a single Apple product. I love apples! But no Apple products. 

They are amazing at marketing as well. 


First on AI: Apple’s stock soared to new heights on Thursday, pushing the company’s market capitalization to $456 billion, a number that is greater than the values of rivals Google and Microsoft combined.

As of Thursday morning, Microsoft’s market cap was around $256.7 billion, while Google was valued at around $198.9 billion. With Apple’s stock up more than 3 percent in morning trading, the company surpassed the combined totals of both Google and Microsoft.

The milestone comes soon after Apple reported its best quarter ever, earning $13.06 billion on sales of 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads and 5.2 million Macs. Total revenue for Apple’s holiday quarter was $46.33 billion.

But Google’s shares fell more than 9 percent last month after the company missed expectations on Wall Street for both earnings and revenue. And while Microsoft met Wall Street expectations, revenue from its Windows operating system fell 6 percent to $4.74 billion.

Apple’s market capitalization passed Microsoft alone in May of 2010 when the iPhone maker’s value hit around $222 billion. And last August was the first time that Apple passed Exxon to become the world’s largest company by market cap, then with a value of $346.74 billion.

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The Etiquette of Facebook

Since there’s nothing out there that that expresses what is ‘right and wrong’ about using social media, I figured I’d write out some things to keep in mind when using facebook. You’ll be surprised at how often these ‘opinions’ are broken. 

1. If someone is receptive to answering your questions, do not take advantage of their hospitality by asking them on a daily basis, for months on end. You may be surprised that suddenly people avoid you in general. Chances are, you’ll become known as ‘that annoying person’. Unfortunately, this situation is common and not an exaggeration.

2. If you upload a new image, do not tag everyone that you can think of off the top of your head so that it forces people to look at it. It’s very annoying. When people comment, everyone tagged gets an alert. Please refrain. If they like your work and your images, they will find you and comment on your work when they see if. This practice is a quick way of having people avoid you and your work.

3. Do not send public invites to people who have nothing to do with it. What’s that? There’s a party going on in Ontario, you have no idea who I am and you want me to attend tomorrow even though I’m in Hawaii? These days, we’re coming to a realization that we’re adding too many people and we’re figuring out who to unfriend. This makes you a prime target for who to remove.

4. If you have your profile completely private, it may be a good idea to send a message with your friend request with your information so we know what you do and why you may be adding us. It allows the person to know why you want to be their friend. Because we really can’t see anything other than your profile picture.

5. Social media is just that – a means of being socially responsive. If you want people to be responsive to your status updates or work you post, you must also be in practice of letting people know what you think of theirs and interact. If you don’t find many people talking to you, there may be a reason for it. Just like a real relationship, networking works both ways. Be social and involved with your peers and colleagues!

6. Stop sending random page request invites. We receive so many a day. If you want people to like your fan page, keep a link in your info. And at most, you can try sending a personal message, but don’t send a random request for everyone to like your page, it gets annoying as well. At the least, it will mostly be overlooked.

7. We don’t care if you play farmville, cittyville, poopville, or whatever ville you are in, but please don’t invite random friends to join, we really don’t want to and we can barely stand your ‘ville’ updates.

8. Whenever you see someone post up great work, take initiative to comment or even send a message to let them know how much you like it. They really will appreciate it.

9. You know those guys who send you creepy messages and stalk your model friends? You don’t? Well you may be that guy. If you’ve come to a realization that you may be ‘that’ guy. Stop being that guy.

10. Do NOT post your website on someone’s wall, especially if you don’t know them that well, for the purpose of self promotion, especially when that person has a ton of friends. That is pretty much the lowest thing you can do. At the least, it will result in a negative reaction without being told they feel that way. At most, it will end in an unfriend. No positive effect can come from that.


If for some reason you feel offended by any of these points, that is a good sign. That means you now realize you’ve done something that annoys people because people won’t bother to let you know.

No problem, you’re welcome! At least now you’re on your way to becoming a good facebook friend.

If you’re not offended by any of these points, congratulations, you’re officially awesome! 

Spread the word, because some people need to know. It may just be a good way to tell them they’re annoying, without actually telling them. I’ll take the blame.