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How Humans Will Look In 100,000 Years (Visual)

I laughed so much when I saw this image. Someone went way overboard with the Snooki filter and liquify. However, this article by Forbes claims this is what we’re going to look like. 

So basically we are bound to look like aliens. See? This is why you need to get away from the computer, you’re going to break your eyes. Mom was right!

I feel so sorry for your great^20 grand children. 

Seriously Photoshop, go to sleep, you are so drunk right now. I should file this under Photoshop gone wrong but they are so serious right now.

The Street Retouching Prank

What happens when you mix Photoshop with unsuspecting people at a bus stop? You get genius, that’s what you get. 

These upstanding citizens were waiting for their bus with a weird van parked a distance away. The bus has a photographer and a retoucher on board (batman and robin of the digital world) when all of a sudden the photographer would take a photo of the person in the bus stop. Live, they would retouch the image and it would appear on the screen next to them. It’s more manipulation and humorous adjustments than anything else. The results are hilarious!