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Donna Karan Creates A Robot Fashion Model

I recently came across this Donna Karan campaign. Immediately, my eyes went right to her leg. It looked suspect to me, as if it didn’t belong. Perhaps it may be a visual illusion due to the way the clothing is placed versus how she is leaning. Or maybe, there’s another reason…

Hai Le explains, “I like to imagine that she’s a cyborg robot and he’s the evil scientist that built her and he has to repair her leg. This is the moment right when he’s pulling the leg off.”

There you have it, the hard hitting truth about Donna Karan’s latest campaign. We all know Donna, we all know! 

I just had to share Hai’s response to the original post here, it was too great to pass up. 


Fotoshop by Adobe

This is the most hilarious video I’ve ever seen as far as Photoshop goes. 

Talk about the real truth beyond beauty products!

This commercial isn’t real, and neither are society’s standards of beauty.

I need to put little stickers next to ads when I go into stores next to products. Want real results? You need Solstice Retouch, not Revlon.

Use healing brush to target blemishes at their source. 

The results are so good, they’re almost unreal…istic

The whole thing is full of one liners. 

Watch. This. Right. Now. 

Shot by the talented Jesse Rosten!