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      Those Little Spaces: "Where Children Sleep"

I’m sure you still remember the place you grew up in as a child. You certaintly remember everything about your room. I can even go as far as saying that it someway influenced your development, happiness, and growth over the years. 

As a child, your room, or space, was ‘your own’. 

Check out these amazing stories. 

Thank you to Nicole Lüneburg Frech for this find!

Lens Distortion

Stephen Eastwood show us why it’s important to use the appropriate lens (and focal point) for the right job. 

Now you know why ‘the camera puts on 10 lbs’ and where it really comes from. We see closer to 50mm or less and pictures could be at a higher focal point, which compresses the person and gives the illusion of added weight.

Check out the full detailed view of the image below on Stephen’s website: