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Hey You, You’re Special!

How often do you stop to remember how important your photos are to someone?

Do you ever imagine your clients looking back on photos you took of them in the future, only to remember how great the photos are you took of them? It may be of ‘THE’ wedding day photo, or it may be a couple shoot. It may be of a relative you took that passed away. They hold that dear to them in such an escalated emotional value, probably more than you to your own work. 

Sometimes we all get wound up in business and just getting the job done, but remember you do something special for people. Never forget that fact, no matter how low you may get sometimes during those bad times. Always remember your work is awesome and in a way, it makes you eternal. In 50 years, the photos you take will be around and someone, somewhere, will remember your awesome work. 

Have a great day!