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2D Cartoons That Pop Right Out Of Your Screen By Dain Fagerholm

Dain Fagerholm has taken 2D characters and made them even more engaging through magic. Magic = stereographic GIFs

The challenge of converting a flat drawing into a 3D image, as in these pictures, is figuring out what is in the foreground or background and then accurately making those portions of the image move in opposite directions to simulate depth. You can see an good example of the job Fagerholm has done with this technique by looking at the hole below the red monster above. Notice how the hole has depth? That’s skill

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Identifying color or colour, based on whether you live on the right or the wrong side of the planet, (just kidding), is based primarily on fact. Have you heard the phrase, “It’s clear as night or day”. Often, even that statement is flawed. 

Here’s an image. What do you see? Two spiraling lines merging in the center right? One blue, and one green? 

What if I told you that you were absolutely wrong. It would be your ‘fact’ against my ‘opinion’. It is your fact because you have a valid image that showcases both an apparent green and blue line spiralling down into the center against my random statement. 

What if I told you that they are both actually the same color?

Want proof? Open up photoshop and take a point sample of both lines - they are both the same color. 

This is why fact, is sometimes a matter of opinion.

There is no definite.