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Vote For Your Favorite Artist In The Framed Awards!

It’s the last day to vote for artists in the [Framed] Show awards! Vote for those who you love the most, they deserve your vote. 

I am honored to be nominated in the retoucher category but would like you to vote for people like Sebastian, Aaron, Sean, Carrie and the rest. Aaron for example, has done a lot this year with Phlearn and it’s a huge undertaking. Sean is always giving with his knowledge and no matter where I go to teach, everyone mentions him. Sebastian has grown so much this year alone and he is becoming one of the best. And then there’s Chris, Carrie, and Amy who are all already very established openly giving about what they know. Everyone deserves it, they’re all so incredible and I am proud to call them my colleagues. 

Most important, is not even the award itself. We get to discover new talent that we may not have known. Framed has also brought a community of creatives closer together. 

No matter who wins, we all win.


Have You Heard Of [Framed]?

Within the past year, [Framed] has come into the photography scene and almost quietly created a buzz. I’ve really become addicted with this show. It’s online and they are already in season 3 within a year! 

Check it out!

What started as a show, turned into a full network. They have 4 different shows that come out on a weekly basis, hosted by some of the best in the business. 

A little about the 4 shows: 

Framed, hosted by Melissa Niu, interviews some of the most interesting people you’ve seen in the industry. This is their primary show that started it all. 

Lit Up is hosted by one and only Joel Grimes. He goes over some of the most interesting lighting setups and tips that I find so helpful. He goes over everything about the shooting process. 

Photo Pro is run by Kevin Kubota, who is such an amazing instructor. If he was a teacher back when I was in college, I would take all of his classes. He’s so easy to listen to and he makes the perfect instructor. He mostly goes over post production but has a lot of lighting and business related advice thrown into the mix. 

Film goes over everything about film. It starts from the beginning and goes all the way through it’s course. 

These four shows are perfect, and the best part is that they are free! You can’t help get addicted to them. The presentation is so casual yet informative. 

I’ll be featuring more of their videos as time goes on. In the mean time, catch up on the first two seasons. You’ll get addicted to the show. 

Framed Interviews Composite Photographer: Joel Grimes

Framed recently paid a visit to photographer Joel Grimes to interview him. If you are not familiar with the work of Joel Grimes, check out his website here:

He is known for his detailed composite work and dedication. What I love about the video is Joel really puts himself out there, by talking about where he came from, how hard he had to work to make it, and what he continually has to keep doing to keep ahead of the game. There is some valuable information that everyone can take away from. 

Joel sounds like a great guy. Thanks to the group at Framed for putting this together. 

You can also read more about Joel here: 

What are your thougths about the interview? Let us know below in the comment section.