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Organic Food Growers Use Pesticides And Fungicides

Being in the creative industry, for some reason many people go Organic. 

One of the reasons most people say is that they want to avoid using pesticides. They want nothing to do with it. 

The reality is that they use pesticides. I figure I would pass this along to anyone knows anyone who goes purely organic. 

When the Soil Association, a major organic accreditation body in the UK, asked consumers why they buy organic food, 95% of them said their top reason was to avoid pesticides. They, like many people, believe that organic farming involves little to no pesticide use. I hate to burst the bubble, but that’s simply not true. Organic farming, just like other forms of agriculture, still uses pesticides and fungicides to prevent critters from destroying their crops. Confused?

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Photography Work: LA Crawfish

Most people don’t know I do any photography at all, after progressing my career in retouching, I almost stopped shooting for the most part. However, a couple of weeks ago my good friend Minson got in touch with me. We had worked on a commercial shoot for a big chain hotel a couple of years back. With that going well, I decided to go forward and do this. 

He told me that he needed some updated shots for his restaurant, LA Crawfish ( 

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with crawfish, they’re in the lobster family, almost like baby lobster. They’re pretty popular down south. 

The great thing about Minson, is that after getting to know him in college, I knew what kind of drive he had with business. Everything he sets his mind to, he does well and is very competitive, including his business. So I was more than happy to work with him this time. 

The restaurant is like a typical wing place in terms of atmosphere, casual BYOB with great food and no nonsense. And all their recipe’s are home made. 

Not only do they sell crawfish, but they’ve also expanded their menu to more than that. They also serve fresh seafood, wings, soups, and Phở. So with his expanded menu, we decided to get some shots for a big collage for the entrance as well as his menu and website. 

Here are some of the shots below, we kept it very simple, and in detail, just like he wanted. Keep in mind, there were many more and this is just a small taste of the menu (literally). 

If you ever visit Houston be sure to visit and let Minson know I sent you! He’ll take care good care of you. 

Our seafood were all agency represented, and yes we got out release forms from them, due to the nudity involved. They really knew how to pose and give us some spectacular expressions, not to mention their flawless shells! Lol.