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Water Filmed Floating In Air Via The Science Of Photography : Static Flow Of Water

That’s how I drink water every morning, through streaming lines floating in air. 

How was this done? Read the uploaders comments: 

I used the test oscillator in Logic, sine tone. You may need to adjust to decimal points around 25Hz to get it to stay still, but play around with the pitch to get the drops to move.You need to make sure the shutter speed it fast/short enough to freeze the motion, also the speaker amplitude has to be great enough to break the water into drops.This is because the frame rate and shutter of the camera is doing a similar job to the strobe.

Further clarification by Lenny20 @ Reddit

It looks as though it was filmed on a canon 7D or 5D, and I can vouch for the fact that all those canon DSLRs do indeed have shutter speed settings, even in video mode. The frame rate can only be set to one of two settings (30fps or 60fps in NTSC, or 25fps or 50 fps in PAL), however the shutter speed can go as low as the frame rate itself (1/25 of a second) up to the quickest shutter speed for the camera (usually around 1/6000 of a second). When the video plays back, say in 25fps, each one of those frames is exposed at the selected shutter speeds. This is how you can create effects like blurry motion and movement (low shutter speed), or very choppy, almost strobe-like motion as seen in the action scenes in Saving Private Ryan (very high shutter speed).

Pedantism ftw.

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