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100 Year Old Glass Negatives

Amazing seeing how these glass negatives were developed through Photoshop!

I taped out a position on a lightbox and locked a digital camera down on a tripod above it. I lay the negatives on the box and shot digital photos.

I inverted and cropped the image in Photoshop.

Then I adjusted the Levels and eliminated some dust here and there.

The first shot in the post is the finished item. Below is a detail shot showing our well-dressed foursome posing for the camera in a yard that is definitely in Southern New Jersey and probably in the town of Westville. They may have been headed to the theater in Philadelphia which was just across the Delaware. There was a number of old theater programs among the ephemera that came along with the negatives.

Henry appears in a number of these negatives, but I think he is behind the camera on this one.

Well-Dressed in the Yard - Detail

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