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Being Thankful: Citizen USA

Extended Trailer:

This post goes out to all Americans. 

With Thanksgiving over, we reflect back on what we are thankful for, especially for my American counterparts who celebrate it. 

Aside from family and friends, don’t forget to also be thankful for being an American. 

This documentary trailer, Citizen U.S.A., showcases a woman who drove through all 50 states talking to immigrants who went through the natural and legal process of being legalized in this country and asked them why they wanted to be an American citizen. 

Especially with all the bad news the media portrays, don’t forget why this country is amazing. We really have things that you cannot find anywhere else in the world and it took a reflective look from immigrants who love this country to remind us amidst taking everything for granted. 

Things like being able to call 911 when our loved ones are about to die and getting prompt medical attention. If you’ve lived overseas and seen a loved one die because you did not receive medical attention when there was an emergency, you really begin to value this “simple” service that most people take for granted. Not to mention the right to practice any religion you want, the ability to get almost anything you want, anytime of the day, including things like cold medicine and pain relievers right over the counter. Even the basics like good plumbing, A.C., heating, public transportation, sanitary and great infrastructure, and not to mention the pure decadent abundance of what we have. And this doesn’t even get into the complete freedom to pursue anything you want, and having an ample community in whatever is that you believe in to support you!

If you’ve never lived in a 3rd world country, you may not realize how amazing it is. From an outsider point of view with someone just watching the media, they have no clue. Granted we have our downsides, but it’s really minuscule in comparison.

These are just some of the reasons given by people in this documentary.

Living in a few 3rd world countries in the past, I didn’t expect this documentary to really make a difference, but after seeing it and hearing all the stories from people who escaped war ravaged countries in order to come here and make an entirely new and uninterrupted life, to stories that come from all walks of life, was VERY touching.

For every one of ‘you’ there are 10 other people out there who will gladly take your place.

So this Thanksgiving, remember to be thankful not just for your friends and families, but also because of your country for all my American counterparts. Be sure to check out this documentary if you can on HBO or the web.

Happy Thanksgiving!