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How To Stop People From Seeing You’ve Read A Private Message On Facebook

An implication of Facebook’s most recent update (which has been there for a few months now) is that you know when your friends read your message. How annoying is that? 

Personally, that should be none of their business. Let’s say you read it and intend to reply to it later for whatever reason, some people probably feel they are being ignored. There are obviously a thousand reasons you can think of why it shouldn’t be there. No matter what, it shouldn’t be there to begin with. It probably causes more problems than it fixes. 

There are a few ways to circumvent this. 

Method 1 - Extensions :
There’s an extension in Chrome that allows you to stop them from seeing when you’ve read the message. 

Extension: Link

I tried it out. Apparently based on the reviews, it either works great or there’s one small issue. The issue is that it keeps the messages marked as unread. 

There’s also one more you can try out which works across all browsers (in theory): 

Chat Undetected

So if it works for you, enjoy! If not, read further. 

Method 2 - Hovering over your message: 

For Safari users, you can hover over the message without clicking on it to bring up the full message. So you can read it without having to click on it. It won’t notify the recipient that you’ve read it. 

(Thanks to Cristy for that tip)

Method 3 - E-mail subscriptions:

You can subscribe to getting e-mail alerts for messages. This way you can read the full message in your e-mail without clicking on the message itself. 

(Thanks to Sarah for that tip)