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Editorial: Far, Far Away For Genlux Magazine By Daniel Castro

I came across this incredible spread which plays upon a storybook theme. The watercolor theme plays as backdrops for this never-land feel. 

This editorial was shot by Daniel Castro for Genlux Magazine. I had to reach out to him and ask him a little about the spread to place along with the images. This was the backstory to it. 

When approached to shoot a travel inspired story for the Spring/Summer issue of Genlux Magazine, photographer Daniel Castro had to make the best of the dreary Brooklyn winter.

Inspired by the rich narrative of children’s storybooks, Daniel bypassed the confines of doing a typical “location shoot” and instead jumped head-on into a fantasy world of his own making.

Collaborating with fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers, the duo created a pastel-infused summer wonderland inside a custom built bedroom… and the world beyond.

Thanks to Daniel for sharing his images with us! Be sure to check out his work on his website:

Numero Magazine Under Fire For ‘African Queen’ Editorial

This editorial spread for Numero is causing some controversy. This is 16 year old model Ondria Hardin from North Carolina, with intentionally darkened skin to fit the name of the title. 

Many argue that fashion exploits or ignores ethnic diversity. 

Do you personally see anything wrong with this or are people making a big deal out of nothing?

(Source: The Huffington Post)

Time Magazine’s Controversial Breastfeeding Cover On Extreme Parenting

This is the cover that is causing all sorts of controversy across the world. It’s in relation to ‘extreme parenting’. It’s definitely shown a point, but at a cost that the public did not like. 

The cover photo shows 26-year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her son Aram; Aram turns 4 next month. It is a startling image, to say the least.

The reason for the controversy was partly due to the fact that Aram is just 4 years old, an aged usually deemed as inappropriate for breastfeeding.  

Here are the rest of the images: 1 2 3

We’d like to hear from you, does it offend you? 

Feature: An Le - Fleur de la Nuit

An Le is back with his next editorial. We’ve featured him before and we’re glad to see his next set! Check out his recent editorial below. 

Re: Magazine:
Photographer: An Le (

Stylist: Juliana Sullivan & assistants: Chanelle Bertelsen, Carmela Osorio Lugo
Set designer: Dylan Auman (
Make-up: Mila Grass
Hair: Hillary Mund
Photo assistants: Dave Sweeny, Pat Bombard, Dylan DeRose
Models: Alexa Johns (Factor Women)
             Kathleen Sayler (Rise model management)

Behind the Scenes Video:










Android Gaga

This is what Lady Gaga looks like in the morning after she forgets to take off her outfit from the previous night - A hot mess. 


For the sake of fashion, she turned into an ‘angry android’ for L’Uomo Vogue.

If you ask me, I don’t like it at all. But hey, when you wrap the word ‘fashion’ around it as a justification, who is going to argue against it? 

I just did.

Oh snap.

PHOTO: Inez Van Lansweerde & Vinoodh Matadin for L’Uomo Vogue

[Via source]

New Work: ELLE Cover, January 2012 (Vietnam)

Here’s my recent cover for ELLE Vietnam. A great way to start off the new year! We have a spread coming out soon as well. 

This shot was by my friend and someone who I’ve personally met, Alvin Nguyen ( 

Due to the soft lighting and low res, you can’t see all the skin work but surprisingly, she had great skin and it was very similar to the final - most of the work was modifying lighting and such. Very specific directions from the editor for the most part. 

He’s come a long way within just a year. He started shooting seriously just a year and a half ago when I went to teach him retouching in Seattle. Now he’s going places. It’s no wonder, we share a similar work ethic and I know just how much effort and work he puts in!

Plus Size Model Lizzie Miller Gets a Positive Reaction in Glamour

Once the magazine hit news stands, it caused quite a commotion, mostly in a positive direction depicting how average women look like. They were pleased to see a model reflect that image in the magazine. 

What are your thoughts? 

I think it’s great, good for her and good the audience reading/watching. Warm fuzzy feeling for everyone. 

I am sure we’ll be seeing more plus size models in the future. As the world generally gets larger and larger, there will be more of a demand to see them in magazines. After all, what the public wants more of, they get more of, such as the more common addition of celebrities gracing covers of fashion magazines. 

It’s always interesting seeing how fashion evolves and what the norm is. It always changes. 

New Work: Lara Jade - Beach Story

With this recent beach story, I wanted to keep the skin work minimal, understated, yet flawless in a way that no one can see what was done or what flaws were there originally per what IMG (Kristina’s agency) needed. We topped it off with Lara’s beautiful color grading work. 

Please click on each image to see a detailed view. 

Photography: Lara Jade (
Model: Kristina V @ IMG Models
Make Up: Deborah Altizio
Hair: Cash Lawless
Styling: Erin O’Keefe
Photography Assistance: Nicole De Waal