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Build a kino-flo style fluorescent soft light with parts from your local DIY store for under $100 and in under three hours!

OR click through to our kickstarter page where for a $50 donation we will send you the plans to build the all-singing-all-dancing LED kino-killer that is dimmable, battery powered, flicker free and BRIGHTER!

by Realm Pictures 

DIY Lightsphere

The best part about this, is that is costs roughly $1 and can be made so easily that I just had to share this. It replicates the “Gary Fong” diffusion without the cost of it. Plus, this is much more portable, easier to use, and easier to store.

And the results are really nice, compared to even bouncing and more! This might be a good option for fill light in a natural environment as well. 

Thank you to for making this video.

Have fun! 

DIY: Lighting Globe

The great team at have come up with a really ingenious way to make a fantastic lighting globe from very cheap and affordable materials. Not only is it effective, but it is also very easy to make!

After watching the video, check out the fantastic results on their site:

Not only does it allow for great looking images, but it is also incredibly versatile. I would use this not only for lifestyle type work, but I can see this used for product, food and so much more!

Under Water Realm Project

This fantastic submission comes from Zubair Parkar, thanks for sending this in!

Have you heard of the Under Water Realm project? If not, take a look.

“The team here at Realm Pictures have always been about pushing the envelope – and this project is testing that attitude to breaking point.

We aim to make a highly produced short film set entirely underwater that will force the world to sit up and take notice. We are attempting something that has never been done before – and we are attempting it with a very small budget. The film will use a variety of techniques from underwater photography to wire-rigs, digital clothing and set extensions. This blog will follow us on our journey as we struggle with the challenge of pre-production. It will be on set with us every day during production, and it will keep you up to date with all the hard work and rewards of post-production.

I hope you enjoy following us on our journey, your support is the reason we do all this and more importantly, the reason we CAN do this. And we CAN do it.”

Not only are they going to be producing such a fantastic product in the end, it’s all being documented in each stage as it goes along. What’s fantastic about this is they discuss and showcase all the technical detail sand equipment that go into it, so there is a lot to learn for the technically inclined and willing!

You can follow their progress here with weekly video blog updates:


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