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Canon EOS C300 = Awesome

Here’s an incredible and in depth video looking into the new C300 and how it compares directly to DSLRs. I love the control, extremely amazing ISO performance, and the stellar dynamic range. I must admit, I could almost feel myself drooling over this beast. 

This video was taken by Jonathan Yi.

Thank you to Robert Daniels for the find!

Visual Short: Nuit Blanche

Put down whatever it is that you are doing, hit play, in full screen and HD, and watch intently for the next few minutes. You’re about to immersed in roughly 3 minutes of the best thing you’ll see this week. 

Thanks to Dave Hamilton for bringing this to my attention!

Love at first sight, what does it really mean? Nuit Blanche explores the emotion that comes at a moment’s notice. It’s made in a way which uses the old world as a canvas, reminiscent in the true days of romanticism, combined with new age CGI. 

"Nuit Blanche explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy."

Here’s the behind the scenes and the making of: