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Editorial: Far, Far Away For Genlux Magazine By Daniel Castro

I came across this incredible spread which plays upon a storybook theme. The watercolor theme plays as backdrops for this never-land feel. 

This editorial was shot by Daniel Castro for Genlux Magazine. I had to reach out to him and ask him a little about the spread to place along with the images. This was the backstory to it. 

When approached to shoot a travel inspired story for the Spring/Summer issue of Genlux Magazine, photographer Daniel Castro had to make the best of the dreary Brooklyn winter.

Inspired by the rich narrative of children’s storybooks, Daniel bypassed the confines of doing a typical “location shoot” and instead jumped head-on into a fantasy world of his own making.

Collaborating with fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers, the duo created a pastel-infused summer wonderland inside a custom built bedroom… and the world beyond.

Thanks to Daniel for sharing his images with us! Be sure to check out his work on his website:

      Silk – Interactive Generative Art

This is the most amazing visual website I have seen this year, and the past year, and the year before that. You are about to spend at least an hour playing around with this website and making gallery worthy art in moments.

So before clicking, ask yourself if you really have spare time. Otherwise whatever it is you are doing is going to get placed on hold for a while. Sorry, dinner’s going to have to wait! 

Via Zach Sutton Photography