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Shots Of Empty Streets From Major Cities

What’s amazing is that this was all taken in one single shot. The technique is brilliant!

Silent World is a project by Paris-based artists Lucie & Simon that shows post-apocalyptic views of famous locations around the world. All but one or two of the people in each location are removed from the scene. Rather than use multiple exposures and compositing the images to remove moving objects (e.g. people and cars), they chose to use a neutral density filter — one that’s normally used by NASA for analyzing stars — in order to achieve extremely long exposure times during the day.

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Retouching Session: Teaching in Milwaukee Pictures

I had a fantastic time this past weekend teaching a private retouching session with Tegan, who is a photographer, and retoucher at Kohl’s, and with Aaron who is a fashion and beauty photographer. 

Before our 2 day session began (which you can read about here in case you’re interested in one: details), we went around Milwaukee for a day to see the city. Aaron and Tegan were two of the most humble people I have ever met. Both great in character and in talent! We immediately got along right away as if we’d known each other forever. 

It had just snowed so aside from eating, we primarily spent the day at the amazing and beautiful Milwaukee art museum which is where most of my pictures are from. They had an amazing array of breweries in the city which we went to at night. 

A great way to evolve your craft is to study art history (as I have when I was younger) and how the greats crafted each of their own pieces. Within each painting holds secrets that are free for the taking. You can literally see each layered brush stroke that combined to make the final piece. You can study that and see how they contoured and defined areas. Each artist has a completely different method that is apparent when looking at them in the utmost detail. That is the DNA of the painting, so to speak. You get to see their interpretation of light, the intricacies of skin, fabric, and texture detail. You see their soul come through. 

You learn so much that you can apply to your own work. After all, the application is similar. Inspiration shouldn’t have limitations. 

Here are some shots from the trip. You can see most of them in the gallery here:!i=1687470047&k=2gs5dt9

It was the first time I had gotten to play and see snow to this extent (Yeah! Snow, woohoo!). So I felt like a kid all over again. As cold as it was, amidst great company and warm smiles around the city, it felt great. 






(Layover in Tampa Bay)

Back home. 


You can see the rest of the gallery here.

You can learn more about private sessions here.

3 Days in Dubai

I’ve never been to Dubai but I’ve seen the amazing architectural marvels that grace the city. Aside from that, I knew nothing about it. This video shows a quick overview when one man spends 3 days in Dubai. The lights and colors are amazing and so is the culture. 

Filmed in Dubai over the course of 3 days. 

Shot on 5D mkll with 24-70mm and 70-200mm. Motion timelapses were done using a Kessler Pocket dolly with Basic controller. 

Tell Us Your Story: Anton Jankovoy

I had the opportunity to interview one of the most impressive travel-photographers of our time, Anton Jankovoy. His work caught my attention when I stumbled upon this image which has almost hit 1.5 million views in less than a month! Check out his fantastic viewpoint below.

Anton Jankovoy is professional travel-photographer, shooting in such genres as travel, landscape and portrait photography. A participant of an International Union of Wildlife Photographers (IUWP). The head manager of Zhytomyr photographers club «Photosphere» and the author of the project “Photo-Travel”. Lately travels much, arranges seminars and master classes on travel photography. Participated in many domestic and international photo-exhibitions. His works were published in the most prominent publishing houses of Russia, Ukraine and Nepal.

I went in further to disover Anton’s amazing site:

A travel group that focuses it’s activity on arranging photo seminars in the most exciting and interesting places of the world. With the help of Photo-travel people get a chance to have a lovely vacation along with photography classes. The trips are arranged in such manner that the person will get at the right place at the right timing for the best snapshot.

What was it that you to get into photography, specifically travel and landscape photography, and how old were you when you first began? What were you doing before coming into the world of photography?

I’ve been fond of photography since I was 15, so becoming a photographer was not something extraordinary for me. I’ve been studying at the university for business administration, and still doing photography.

I chose travel and landscape photography because it is about the only genre that inspires me. I spend most of my life traveling, that’s why this genre is my favorite.

Also, I try to travel in the regions with virgin nature and landscape, to take beautiful photos of them “to save” them in my works. Globalization is spreading fast around the world, so my aim is to capture the authentic life, before globalization hits those beautiful regions of the world.

I understand that your work is primarily published and part of many photo-exhibits. With a majority of your shots, are you sent out on assignment, or do you shoot them and then look to get it published later? Tell us how it works for those who are not familiar with the process of your work.

Most of my works, I shoot while traveling, and I don’t get any specific assignment to do that. Then when I return home, to Ukraine, I start working on the photos, choosing the best ones and promoting them.

I like to have freedom for the creative process, that’s why I try not to limit myself with attaining a specific task. I’m doing what I enjoy doing. People and publishers who like my photos work with me. I participate in many international exhibits and my photos are being published through the world.

for promotion I mostly use the internet.

Tell us about one of your most memorable experience during your travels, and why it was memorable for you.

You know, for the last several years so many exciting things have happened to me, so now it’s very difficult to even remember something that impressed me the most.

Even now, it’s very difficult to impress me with something. My life turned into a constant adventure. Every day is another exciting experience. I cannot really pin point one out.

Is there a specific location that you have not been yet that you are looking to go to? What about it intrigues you?

In several months I’m going to Indonesia and Malaysia. I’m going to do a series on local culture, nature and all interesting things out there to see.

Also some very interesting regions for me are the northern parts of Russia like Yamal, Siberia and the rest, where people’s live and culture have stayed the same for thousands of years.

The main intrigue of those places for me is that globalization hasn’t got there yet, and people that live so far from the modern civilization madness are open-heated. Nature is beautiful and it looks like it’s a totally different parallel world.

Who were your idols when you started (even now)? Is there any advice for photographers who are looking to do what you do and want to start following your footsteps? 

I’ve never had an idol. I’ve learned photography on my own, I didn’t go to school for it. But among the modern photographers it would be Steve Mc’curry. His works and his unique vision I enjoy the most.
As far as the beginners, I would recommend them not try to worship the modern technology, popularity and demand of the masses. But to listen to the heart and unique perception of the world, to try to express their vision. It’s always better not to follow any stereotypes and old fashion pattern. Just be yourself, and do not follow the fashion and one day you become a real creative artist.


We thank Anton for this amazing interview and sharing a part of what he does with us. Connect and see more of his work through his sites:!/jankovoy 

Pratik Naik