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This Fashion Film About A Girl’s Journey To Her Deepest Imagination Is The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen. 

This fashion film titled ‘Urban Hippie’ really has an incredible arrangement of imagery. Together, it creates a fashion-film of the likes that I’ve never seen before. The story itself is beautiful and it’s hard to look away. 

This Woman Ages Into An Old Woman Without You Noticing

In about four minutes, she starts off as a young girl and ages right in front of your eyes. You won’t even notice it happening. 

This Short Film About Smart Phone Overuse Is Brilliant As It Is Depressing

The problem is that after watching it, you’ll be like oh that’s not me. But the problem is that it is you, and it’s me, and it’s all of us. We’re all part of the problem. 

Why are we so obsessed over capturing everything instead of living it? Is this a natural sign of where we’re all headed? Zombieville? 

A Beautiful BTS Video ‘Oasis’ 

A location that I’ve always wanted to shoot at, this is a BTS look at Kevin’s photoshoot. 

Full team:

Featuring: Laura James @ L.A. Models
Make Up: Stephanie Navarro
Hair: Rigo Ortiz
Styling: Patricia Trinidad http://patriciatrinidadstylist.tumblr…
Graphics: Daamun Mohseni
PA/BTS: Angela Durkan
BTS: Jason King