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Man Flies Drone Through 4th of July Fireworks

No matter what awesome thing you plan on doing today, you’re still second best compared to this. Unless you plan on flying a drone with a Red camera, then carry on!

The Photography Of 16 Year Old Yash Naik

As I began on my path as a creative in the world of photography, it started fairly late. I bought my first camera in college and it all started from there.

However, my younger brother, Yash, seems to have taken to photography at a younger age. With now a couple of years under his belt already, I’ve seen his eye develop a unique style that I feel is strong. He’s just 16 years of age with a bright future ahead of him. Shooting a mix of film and digital, here are some of my favorite pieces of his that I wanted to showcase. With no formal training, he has picked up the fundamentals of exposure and composition well. I am excited to see where the future leads. 


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"Roberta’s Morning" By 23 Year Old Elise Gulestøl

A short fashion film that is playful and equally creative! 

Elise Gulestøl is a 23 year old student at Bilder Nordic School Of Photography in Oslo, Norway. She studies fashion photography and filmmaking, and she just sent us in some of her work. I thought it was brilliant and wanted to share it. It’s wonderful to see passionate students who showcase such passion for fashion and film! 

See more of her work on her vimeo channel -

A Powerful Photo Story About A Woman’s Struggle To Make Ends Meet (NSFW)

My good colleague An Le recently sent in this story which hit me hard. It was extremely powerful and told so beautifully. 

The story is titled, Grey Lake, for Tush magazine.

An writes: 

"Grey Lake" was inspired by an article I read recently about a 21-year-old girl who committed suicide after 200 jobs rejections. The article reflects a very current and poignant issue about unemployment of young recent-graduates, with a lot of debts/student loans, struggling in big city like New York trying to find jobs, fulfilling their social obligations and following their dreams…

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Incredible Photo Composite: “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”

Jacek Nawrot recently posted this incredible composite, which he appropriately titled, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

It looks pretty good on the surface, right? Wait till you see the sources he used (below). Keep in mind, these are just jpg files. So all the detailing with shadows and color matching is really impressive. He mixed in a lot of hand done work to make the piece come together. 

Thanks to Jacek for allowing us to feature his work!